Tia Hóka

My work for Radio Jazz started in 2014 as a co-host and producer for the Hungarian-Danish radio play »Oda-vissza: Koppenhága-Budapest« in association with the stations' very own, Niels Wamberg. Later on, our partnership grew with a number of shows: »Rundt i byen / All Over The City«, featuring an exclusive interview with the Hungarian ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark, László Hellebrandt, and the radio play series entitled »There Is Nothing Like...«

During 2016, I have been working at an Australian commercial radio station in a content producing capacity. 

Through 2017 and 2018, Niels Wamberg and I, have produced the series »Tia & Niels On Tour«, where we traveled the globe in search for the most renowned international jazz clubs.

Our latest shows from 2018 include the radio play entitled »Black 11 and the Double « where - through two exciting episodes - we venture into the world of casinos and gambling-related jazz.

Furthermore, I have guest-appeared not only in the »Jazz Galore« but I am also a staple member of the »Quiz« show in collaboration with Jakob Kjær, Børge Andersen, Niels Wamberg and (guest) jazz singer, Mette Speich.

I am continuously committed to bringing all our listeners nothing but joy and jazz through the waves of ether.